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We represent many brands and manufacturers such as Hartmann & Forbes, MHZ and Hunter Douglas, which have been chosen for their individual contributions and specializations they can bring to your projects.


Call us anytime and we will walk you through the options most suited for your project. Our Penticton staff have been highly trained, have had many years of experience and are truly dedicated to the success of your project!

We also carry factory direct window blinds, Canadian manufacturers and companies which specialize in Motorization & Home Automation.

Where to start when considering blinds and window coverings...
Well thought out window blinds or window coverings will become an integral part of your living space and can greatly enhance both your comfort and the style of your room. How your window coverings will look is important and how they function for you is even more so. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you make a good decision:
  • Are there privacy issues?
  • How much light do you need to block and is this at only certain times of the day or night?
  • Do you want to just soften the light and still enjoy the view?
  • Is energy efficiency a priority?
  • Are your windows a specialty shape (e.g. rake or arched windows)? Do you want to accentuate or disguise this?
  • How would you like to operate your window coverings? Cordless, wand or motorized are some of the options.
  • UV protection: Do you have furnishings, art of rugs that need to be protected?  Or is the glare of the sun affecting viewing of the computer or television screen?
  • Do you want a top-down/bottom-up function?
  • Do you need to absorb sound?
  • Ventilation requirements?
  • Budget ?
  • Do you want Hard or soft treatments (e.g. metal or wood vs fabric)?
  • And finally your design aesthetic.



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